The Beekeeper Academy Method™ to achieve 100% confidence in your beekeeping skills.

From the first steps to complete clarity and confidence on keeping bees and growing your apiary year after year, our training will provide you with the tools, the skill, and the certainty while completely eliminating wasted time and money, stress, anxiety, and frustration.

Find Out Where You Need to Start

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I want to learn

I am looking to learn about keeping bees. I have seen some videos but want some guided formal training

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I have taken beekeeping classes but I feel my skill level is too basic and I feel anxiety while around my hives

I want a system

I want to know exactly what to do to make sure my bees are healthy, I can maximize my production and I am running a sustainable apiary

What People are Saying

I took the Introduction to Beekeeping class at the end of February. It was fantastic! Exactly what I was looking for. Highly knowledgeable, experienced teacher who clearly presented what one needs to know to start in beekeeping. Highly recommend for anyone who is interested in getting started with bees.
Belinda Burriss
I took the Practical Beekeeping course with Martin Posse as a means to do and learn as much as possible from an experienced beekeeper. I felt that the experience I gained while in the course was a great advantage when I returned to do inspections in my own hives. I would highly recommend the Practical Beekeeping course for anyone, especially the first-year beekeeper.
Arthur MacLarty