The Beekeeper Academy Method

A system for beekeepers to achieve 100% confidence in their skills in only one season while keeping their bees healthy, achieving maximum productivity, completely eliminating uncertainty, reducing stress, and growing their operations in a sustainable way.

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From the second year forward

Once you have gone through your Basic training and have taken the Hands-On Beekeeping course (or have kept bees for at least one full season), you are eligible to apply to participate in The Beekeeper Academy Method Course

In this course you will be introduce to our method of keeping bees that has allowed us steady growth, increased yields and high survival rates over the last few years and provided us with a nice income from our bees.

But, what is The Beekeeper Academy Method?

As you probably know already, I have spent many years studying how to keep bees. I started at age 12 and for 3 years I had to take 6 hours of classroom and hands-on education a week.

At the end of my training, I had taken more classes and had more hours logged working bees that any program would require to call you a Master Beekeeper.

For years I followed many Gurus, learned many methods and practiced and made TONS OF MISTAKES to get to where I am today, and because I love sharing my experience, I created what I call The Beekeeper Academy Method of keeping bees alive for health, production, growth and profits and I share my method with only 10 people per year that want to really become larger operators and one day make a living out of keeping bees.

When you join my exclusive group, you will get the “playbook” that I follow week in and week out every year to make sure my bees are healthy, and produce me a good income and profits. We will get together once a month at the production yards and we will do the work together, I will explain the strategies, the best practices and the way I manage my hives so you have a clear understanding of what you have to get done on your own hives, and we will follow up every week in a virtual meeting to organize the week, discuss the tasks and review what was done.
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