Hands-On Beekeeping

The perfect first-year beekeeper companion. This is a combination of guided practice and coaching that will take you through your first year and help you achieve confidence in your skills without spending years practicing, watching hundreds of hours of videos and trying to figure out what to do from 100 different opinions.

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Your first year beekeeping

The first year keeping bees is the most intensive in terms of learning, and as you are dealing with live bugs, many things can go wrong, derail your progress, frustrate you and even make you wish you had never started with these bee-things at all. I have seen it just too many times.

In addition, you enter information overload mode, by reading and watching all and everything you can find about bees, listening to anyone that wants to give you an opinion and asking questions to hundreds of people that really have no interest vested in your success.


This is the worst thing that you can do. Every beekeeper has a different opinion and will answer a question from a place out of context and based in his/her bias point of view and experience on keeping bees.

This is exactly what you DON’T need at this time. What you need is a process, guided and controlled so you can hone and practice your skills until you get it right and you can apply it to your own bees.

And this is exactly what we are going to do your first year of beekeeping! From May and until August we will meet once a month at our training yard, where you will work in your assigned hives. These will be your hives and nobody else’s. We will define a class plan, we will implement the plan, discuss the outcome, review the month ahead and you will go back to your own hives at home to do exactly the same. Then we will meet online 2 weeks later to answer questions, review the plan again, discuss issues and anything out of ordinary and you will have another 2 weeks to implement the plan.

As the season gets less intensive, we will continue to meet online once a month from September to November to discuss what needs to happen in the next few weeks and prepare our bees for winter.

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Being a first-year beekeeper, I took the Practical Beekeeping course with Martin Posse as a means to do and learn as much as possible from an experienced beekeeper. It was great to "have a plan" when entering a hive and knowing what I wanted or needed to look for. Martin did a great job explaining what we were to do before we opened the hives and then steps to take in the hive each month. He was quick to answer our questions or point out something in the hive that was a teachable moment.
I felt that the experience I gained while in the course was a great advantage when I returned to do inspections in my own hives. I was able to develop a mental picture of what things should look like at that particular time of the year and was then able to apply the necessary changes to my hives to keep them looking the way they should.
I would highly recommend the Practical Beekeeping course for anyone, especially the first-year beekeeper.
Arthur MacLarty
The hands on class was extremely beneficial and informative for helping me take care of my beehives. We shared experiences between the classmates and Martin to identify what was happening with our hives as a good measure of our bees' health. Experiencing different conditions over several weeks and multiple hive management events permitted a wide array of learned skills to transpose to management of my hives. Highly Recommended!
Steven Sage